Anthropology Professor Jeanne Shea’s Recent Research Successes

Dr. Shea’s article entitled “Revolutionary Narratives of Self-Compassion among Older Women in Post-Mao Beijing” will be published in an April 2014 special issue of the journal Anthropology and Medicine on social suffering and compassion in Chinese cultural settings. The article traces how middle-aged and young-old Chinese women came to express and embody a theme of post-revolutionary self-compassion through various forms of self-care in the market reform years following the self denying eras of the pre-Mao and Maoist eras.

Additionally, Dr. Shea is a member of research team undertaking cross-national collaborative research on aging in China and the US. The team, which also includes scholars from Washington University at St. Louis and Fudan University (China), was just awarded funding through the Global Aging Initiative of the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging.

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