Anthropology Awarded Two Interdisciplinary Experiential Engagement Awards!

Enhancing Excellence through the Interdisciplinary Experiential Engagement is an initiative that promotes high-impact educational experiences that address questions or topics using a interdisciplinary approach, which facilitates the understanding and appreciation of the complexity and interconnectivity of phenomena and improves students’ ability to synthesize and integrate information.  The two awards given this year were awarded to Anthropology faculty collaborating with faculty in other disciplines:
“Interdisciplinary Museum Studies” Drs. Jennifer Dickinson (Anthropology) and Kelly DiDio (Art History) [course to be offered Fall 2014]
“Interdisciplinary Engagement in Human Diversity and Evolution” Drs. Deborah Blom (Anthropology) and Amanda Yonan (Biology) [course to be offered Spring 2015]

Congratulations Dr. Dickinson and Dr. Blom!!

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