Church Street on Friday

What a wonderful day I had on Friday. I was able to spend the whole day with my little boy and take a nap in the afternoon. My hubby brought home some yummy food for dinner and we had some nice family time. I am so blessed for the family I have. JNP and I went to Church Street on Friday morning for pancakes at mirabelles “yum yum”! We met a nice little girl and her mom. She asked JNP for a play date. They were very cute together. Then we went to Fremeaus to get my rings cleaned and picked up some earrings at the D. Circle.Of course we had to visit the fountain on Church Street! We saw men putting up the Christmas Lights on the Trees on Church Street. We also saw a man laying bricks.We even ate a cupcake on a bench out in the sun. We bought a book called Bob the Builders Birthday that JNP has had one of us read to him at least six times a day! I smile whenever I think of Friday. 🙂 *hbp*

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  1. Becca
    Oct 25, 2004 @ 16:07:37

    Wow! Sounds like I have another book to memorize then! Was the cupcake related to Bob’s Birthday?
    It sounds like you had a great day on Friday. Not often do we get the chance to spend *quality* time with our loved ones, enjoying each other’s company. I’m glad you had the opportunity and took advantage of it!
    Thank you for thinking of me to share this happy moment!
    Much love,
    Aunt Betta

  2. Patricia Parker
    Oct 25, 2004 @ 15:38:00

    Would have loved to have shared that day with you both, right down to the cupcake on the bench! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Collin
    Oct 25, 2004 @ 14:56:11

    I can verify that he likes the ‘Bob the Builder’ book. I’ve memorized it, and he’s only had it a week. 😉

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