Need Help Right Now?

Requesting Help from CHWB I.T.

To make a request simply send an email to with the details of the issue or service you’re requesting.

Footprints will automatically email the CHWB IT team with your request and import your information into the system.  FootPrints pulls your contact information from the UVM directory so we’ll know how to contact you.   A few minutes after your request is created you’ll receive an email with an issue number for tracking. We’ll assign your request to someone within the department and reach out to you for any additional information.

To Share Control of Your Computer:

  1. Contact the IT Team to be sure one of the team is available.
  2. Click the “Instant Support” link on the left side of this page or go to
  3. Download and then run the Remote Support application.
  4. When it says “Input Your Details” submit your name, but make sure it includes “CHWB”, more or less like this:
  5. Wait for the IT person to take over the computer.