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Progress! Less than a year ago you couldn’t access the on-campus wireless network without first initiating a VPN (Virtual Private Network) session.

The VPN ensured that your passwords and other data were encrypted as they flew through the air, but the VPN software was cumbersome, slow, and not necessarily available for your groovy new handheld device.

Well, all of this has changed—did you know? (Truth is, I’m a little late in breaking this news.)

From most on-campus locations, your wireless-capable laptop or other mobile thingie should now detect a network called "UVM". Joining this network will require a few minutes of (one-time)setup, but after that your laptop or handheld device will automatically sign onto "UVM" when the network is in range—no VPN required.

To set up your device, follow the instructions listed below, based on your version of Windows or type of device:

Oh—I guess I should point out that your data will still travel safely through the air now too. It’s just encrypted differently than it used to be. So go ahead and roam with impunity.

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