Real Emails and Scams: How do You Tell the Difference?

We’ve all encountered these things—official-looking email messages that say "Click here to reactivate your account,” or “Click here to confirm your identity,” etc. These messages can be tempting because they often seem like the real deal. They might talk authoritatively about bank balances or email quotas, and they can look awfully official. But hopefully there’s […]

Using Another CHWB Computer: A Cautionary Tale

As many of you know, your UVM NetID+password allows you to log on to virtually any CHWB computer and "get ‘er done," as we say East of Waterbury. Do this and you’ll have access to the CHWB share and to all of your "MyDocs" stuff: spreadsheets, word documents, family pictures, whatever. It’s magic. The thing […]

PGP Whole Disk Encryption for CHWB Laptops

  If you are a CHWB laptop user, you need to know that UVM, as an institution, is becoming increasingly concerned about the data contained on laptops and other mobile devices. Let’s face it, your laptop probably contains more information about students and coworkers than you realize. And when it comes to Private Health Information […]

Sharing Passwords: A Bad Idea that Just Got Worse

Sharing computer passwords has never been a great idea.

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