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Network Printers are typically shared by several users.

Unlike printers that are directly connected to a computer, Network Printers must be manually “added” for each person who logs onto a particular computer.

So if I sneak into your office while you’re on vacation and log on to your computer, I’ll need to go through the following steps if I want to print to a shared printer. You’ll need to follow these same steps if you ever need to add a new Network Printer. Actually, it’s pretty simple.

Adding a Network Printer in Windows

  1. From the Start button,open the Printers Control Panel.
    (shortcut for Vista and Windows7 users: type Printers into the “Start Search” area just above the Start button and press Enter)
  2. Select Add Printer and click Next.
  3. Select A network printer… and click Next.
  4. In Windows Vista or 7, click “The printer that I want isn’t listed”.
  5. Select Find a printer in the directory and click Next.
  6. In the Find Printers dialog, enter chwb in the Name field and click Find Now. image
  7. You’ll see a list of all the shared CHWB printers. Clicking the top of the Name column sorts the list by the printer name, which might help you locate the printer you need.image
  8. Select the printer you want to install and click OK.
  9. Some versions of Windows may be prompt you to approve the installation of printer drivers…go ahead and do so (“drivers” are basically little pieces of software that tell your computer how to talk to your printer).
  10. You’ll also have the option of setting this printer as a default printer and printing a test page.
  11. Happy printing!
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