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The Importance of Mentorship

What is a mentor, and why is it important? A mentor is someone who is can share their career experiences and insights with you. Mentors are usually people who are farther along in their career paths, and can help guide

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Requesting Strong Letters of Recommendation

Applying for a job or internship?  In most cases, employers will call your references.  For most other competitive opportunities, chances are you will need strong and descriptive letters of recommendation to help set you apart from other applicants. Think you

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How to Talk to Strangers

Did your guardians tell you not to talk to strangers?  Now that you’re in college the buzzword is networking- talk to strangers, make new friends, and connect. Talking to strangers can make your hands sweat, voice crack, and heart race.

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Don't Forget to Say Thanks!

So you passed the interview stage.  Now what?? Send a thank you message within a few days of the interview. In addition to being courteous, a thank you demonstrates enthusiasm, reiterates interest in a position, and provides another shot at

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Informational Interviewing for Beginners

Not sure how to learn about potential career fields? Start setting up informational interviews! What are informational interviews? They are formal conversations you set up with people who are in one of your fields of interest. During these meetings, you

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