Are You LinkedIn? Some food for thought on why you should consider joining the professional networking site.

Similar to Facebook, MySpace, and untold other online social networking sites, LinkedIn can keep you in touch with all your contacts.  LinkedIn, however, does so for all of your PROFESSIONAL contacts.  There are now over 60 million professionals in 200+ countries using LinkedIn to manage their online identities.  Find out why you should be one of them by reading the Fortune Magazine’s cover article (April 12, 2010 edition) entitled “FIRE UP YOUR CAREER!”

Highlights from the March Job Fair

Missed the Spring Job Fair? Or just looking for some advice on the job search?

Here’s what employers had to say..

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Find what you are interested in, even if you may not have experience in it.
  • Volunteer or work somewhere related to your field.  Don’t wait until you get out of school.
  • Test drive an organization or business.  Do an internship in what you are passionate about and enjoy!
  • Start early.  Do research on companies and ask questions!
  • Explore many possibilities, weigh your options, don’t be too intimidated by all the job qualifications.
  • Enter the job market with an open mind. Be persistent.
  • Don’t rely too heavily on your resume.  Sell yourself!
  • Be yourself, do your best, be honest and show interest.
  • Focus on what you want.  Have a vision of where you want to be.