RBA Short Course

Quick link to video recordings and hand-outs

This hybrid in-person and online professional development opportunity covers key concepts of the Results Based Accountability evaluation frame and will support participants as they:

  • Develop and refine program measures, data collection and analysis processes;
  • Use the “Turn the Curve” process to identify and prioritize possible program improvements & make a case for resources;
  • Develop a clear articulation of the difference between population results and program outcomes.

Instructor: Kate McGowan


  • Friday, 12/6, 9:30 to 1 pm (Berlin Extension Office). Link to session materials
  • Zoom sessions:
    • Tuesday 12/17, 10:30-noon
    • Tuesday 1/7, 10:30-noon
    • Tuesday 1/21, 12:30-2 pm
    • Tuesday 2/4, 9:30-11 am
  •  Final session in person either 2/11 or 2/14, with possible option for Zoom in case of snowy/icy roads. Date/location TBD by the group.

Expectations: Participants will apply RBA concepts to a program they are responsible for. Homework will be used during subsequent sessions to build each participants’ RBA portfolio. While “real time” participation is preferred, all sessions will be recorded.