phenological writing



Abbey- My new phenological place I chose at home, which for me is Washington DC, is a bridge I found while hiking in Rock Creek Park. I could feel the life of the forest calling out to me as I wandered around the beautiful landscape. The sounds of the creek rushing over rocks and stones, the birds chirping as they got ready for the winter season, and the solitary away from the city was just what I needed to relax and recollect myself. In such as busy world where everyone is in a hurry to be somewhere or do something, it is important to remember our place in the world. Being back in DC after many months was such a shock. The urban area compared to the town vibes of Burlington was overwhelming. The calmness and serenity of the forest drew me in. I almost forgot what freedom felt like. Everyone should be making sure they slow down every once in a while and appreciate the outdoors and natural areas.


Wright- Centennial Woods and Rock Creek Park are not all that different. Rock creek park is certainly larger in size yet when I hike through Centennial it seems never ending. Both are beautiful and immersive and magical to be in. The creeks are sources of life that run through both areas. They hold so much life although it may not seem like it at this time of the year. The water glittered as it ran over the rocks and fallen leaves floated downstream. It was hard to think about anything else as I traveled through these parks. Although similar, both have specific personalities. Rock Creek Park being located in a more southern region, it seemed more humid than Centennial. The air was thicker and more wet which doesnt surprise me since DC was still experiencing t-shirt weather while it was snowing in vermont and DC. After all it was built on swampy land! Centennial was dryer and had crisper air and was more flat than Rock Creek. Both hikes though were emotionally stimulating. It was soothing and relaxing to be outdoors and I could feel myself becoming happier as I immersed myself in the woods.


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