Wetland, Woodland Wildland

I would classify my natural community of Centennial Woods as a Woodland. The online reference describes the differences between Wildlands, Woodlands, and Wetlands and was a helpful tool in distinguishing my part of Centennial Brook. It is not a Wildland because it is too well maintained, and although the ground when I visited was pretty muddy and moist like that of a Wetland and the Woods contain a Brook and a pond, I would still classify the area as a Woodland because the pond is more adjacent to the forest than in it and is not big enough to supports animals that can be found in Wetlands such as ducks.

Since my first visit to Centennial Woods for the Phenological blogs I have noticed a ton of changes to my area such. At the beginning, the woods were really full and green. Then, as the blogs continued, the trees’ leaves turned shades of yellow and orange and then fell off the trees. Finally, winter arrived and the forest was covered in a layer of snow and the water levels of the brook rose as the snow melted. Also, during the beginning of the year, I noticed a lot more fauna and wildlife. As it became fall and winter, i started seeing a lot less birds and animals. I think this will change as we transition into spring.

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