Final Blog

At Centennial Woods is a social-ecological site where nature and culture intertwine. People go hiking through these woods: families with children, UVM students, residents with dogs. Also, since UVM owns it, classes like NR1 and NR2 can take students here and are able to learn in a more hand on way. I consider myself a […]

Earth Week

At my site, no flowers were really starting to bloom yet. I think this is because it is still a little bit cold. I think I can expect flowers in the near future though

Rock Creek Park

Over my Spring break, I went home to Washington, DC and spent a lot of time in the forest that covers the middle of DC, Rock Creek Park. Since most of the parks in DC belongs to Rock Creek and I just went home over the summer, I didnt get the opportunity to spend time […]

Wetland, Woodland Wildland

I would classify my natural community of Centennial Woods as a Woodland. The online reference describes the differences between Wildlands, Woodlands, and Wetlands and was a helpful tool in distinguishing my part of Centennial Brook. It is not a Wildland because it is too well maintained, and although the ground when I visited was pretty […]

Animal Tracks at Centennial Woods

Since the last time I was in my phenological spot, Centennial Woods, a lot has changed. Unlike last time, there was a thick layer of snow on the ground and most everything was covered in ice. The twigs and grass snapped easily and the water was frozen. I was able to identify boxelder, red, norway, […]

phenological writing

     Abbey- My new phenological place I chose at home, which for me is Washington DC, is a bridge I found while hiking in Rock Creek Park. I could feel the life of the forest calling out to me as I wandered around the beautiful landscape. The sounds of the creek rushing over rocks […]

Event Map

  I noticed since my last post that many more plants have become dead. The flora is overwhelmingly brown and the sand/dirt was wet from the recent days of rain; I sunk into each step i took. Despite the colder and harsher weather I still heard some birds chirping and leaves rustling with random fauna. […]

Birds eye view of my spot

Here is a drawing of an aerial view of my phenology spot. Since I have last been my my spot, the weather has changed dramatically. It has gotten significantly more windy, colder in temperature, and its even snowed once or twice. This has led to a drastic change in the vegetation surrounding my spot. The […]

Welcome to Centennial Woods!

I chose the meadow/brook in Centennial Woods. If you follow the trail you should come to an opening with a bridge and the stream the flows through it. I chose this site because I felt really connected to it when I went for an environmental science lab. I loved the way it transitions from a […]