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A Quick Introduction to Voice Recognition Software

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Three easy to use applications for translating your spoken voice into text:

A chart of three voice recognition softwares

A chart of voice recognition software that assist people with writing by processing spoken voice and translating it into digital text.(speech to text)

Click on the image to get a clearer view.

Who is the user?

Doctors and lawyers are known to use voice recognition software to quickly ‘type out’ patient instructions and the like. Individuals with limited arm/hand functions; individuals with learning disabilities, such dyslexia, auditory comprehension/processing, written expression difficulties; individuals with ADD/ADHD all can benefit from speech to text applications.

Things to keep in mind about Voice Recognition software:
•    Voice recognition systems require consistent vocal control, pronunciation and diction.
•    Natural language functions will allow the user to issue verbal commands without memorizing awkward command syntax.
•    Natural language support may not be available on computer systems with unsupported hardware.
•    Voice files can be moved between computers, installed with compatible Dragon Naturally Speaking versions, for greater access to campus-wide resources.
•    Voice recognition systems require  continued correction.
•    Voice recognition systems are best suited for use by patient and motivated individuals willing to commit the time to properly correct misrecognition errors.

This information was taken from a  presentation  at an AHEAD conference.  For a full list of materials and more detailed information on the conference go the AHEAD conference website.

August, 2010

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  1. I am loving the built in dictation software on the Motorola Droid. If you speak in short sentences it accuracy goes way up.

    Tried to click on the links above but it looks like that is just a picture.

    Great post though. I can’t wait to try out that free windows 7 program out.

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