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Videos Accelerate Community Learning. Can Higher Education “Sign-In” to this?


This TED talk intrigues thought to using shared videos to enhance and communicate learning in ways that print can not.  Video’s and the web are accelerating the ways in which we spread ideas and communicate.  Videos can be translated into any language. There are computer programs that automatically put videos into words.

Direct Link to Video :http://video.ted.com/talks/podcast/ChrisAnderson_2010G.mp4

ZACK’S Takes Away’s from Video.

Videos packs more data, and our brains are uniquely hardwired to decode it.

We (our planet) watches 80 Million Youtube hours/day

Rise of web video is leading to “Crowd Accelerated Innovation”

Business/Organizations are wasting Billions of dollars on Print

The crowd dictates desire through shared videos and in turn pushes innovation/learning forward.

Reflection/Discussion Prompt

The concepts that Chris Anderson speaks of makes me think of open learning communities where all information is shared for the better learning of the group.  One concern that I have heard voiced on the topic of  open source and education is that it is not credible and it has no way of being made official.  And to an extent I agree with this.  Information should  be a credited, especially in higher education.  However, this does not mean that higher education organizations should shudder at the thought of sharing intellectual property.  There is a huge amount of value in this structure.  Chris quickly addresses this topic in his video as he champions the use of video as a better medium for transferring information.  He states that organizations are wasting “billions” of dollars a year wasting there time with print.  A bit extreme but his point is clear that videos, especially when used in a cooperative manner, have the tremendous ability to push learning and “Crowd Based Innovation” forward in faster ways than academia and society has seen before.

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