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1 Easy Way to Record Audio While Taking Notes. (UDL @UVM Product Highlight)


UDL @ UVM Product Highlight

Product: Livescribe PulsePen
Website: Livescribe.com
Cost: $159.00 – $190.00 (New $ Used)
Where to Buy: Amazon.com, BestBuy, Target, AppleStore, Staples

What does it do?: This pen allows you or students to record notes and drawings and simultaneously record the audio being lectured or spoken. These notes can then be placed in an audio file for portable use, they can be embedded into a website or a blog and at any point the audio can be referenced from when it was said at the location of recording by clickling on writting. In order to do this you need to use the LiveScribe Notebook Paper.

How it works: Watch this video


brought to you by Livescribe

For more uses and examples go to the Livescribe website.

UDL Benefits:
1.) Record lectures and replay if something was missed.
2.) Just record the audio and take notes later
3.) Share notes with other students.

1.) Post audio and written notes to the web
2.) Highlight important concepts and share to students
3.) Represents the same material in multiple ways: UDL Principle 1.

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