Universal Design for Learning at the University of Vermont

UDL @ UVM blog is live!


Welcome to the UDL @ UVM blog! The UDL team is hoping this blog will serve as a discussion board and repository of all things related to UD.
Universal Design (UD) in Learning is about applying Universal Design guidelines to the teaching environment. The guidelines put simply:
Use Multiple Means of Representation
Use Multiple Means of Expression
Use Multiple Means of Engagement

These guidelines provide a very simplified lens for reviewing a course and allowing us to see how material is presented, for example. We can look at how a class is designed, and then suggest incremental changes that would broadly reduce barriers to learning in a class.
Did you know that everyone processes information differently? The standard lecture hall format only works for about 30% of learners. The other 70% are left with piecemeal information that they never fully integrate. UDL is all about getting that other 70% engaged and involved in the class.


  1. Here is a word cloud posting of our meeting on the consultation process.
    Wordle scatters the most popular phrases from conversations to let you see major themes and concepts….or just the most popular words used.

  2. Ted Talk by Ken Robinson on how schools kill creativity.

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