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Class of 2022 Sustainable Innovation Review Editorial Board 

Connect with Carly!

Sustainability Role Model: Yvon Chouinard
Favorite Thing To Do in Vermont: Hiking the beautiful Green Mountains – Carly hopes to go on a Long Trail backpacking trip this summer!   
Favorite Podcast: How I Built This with Guy Raz and 9 to 5ish with theSkimm 

Carly Joos 
Digital Content Editor 

After graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Carly spent several years working in the corporate wellness industry, where she helped some of the world’s largest employers implement innovative new benefits for their employees. Inspired by the power that business had to change people’s lives, Carly joined the SI-MBA program to learn how she could further her impact on both people and the planet. As a writer, Carly has maintained a personal travel blog and contributed to blogs such as One Day Itinerary.   

Carly believes that storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to drive change. She is excited to share her thoughts through the Sustainable Innovation Review and start conversations about the importance of sustainability and social impact. When she’s not in the classroom or writing, Carly loves spending time outdoors – especially during the fall foliage season. 

Connect with Vanessa!  

Sustainability Role Model: Stu Hart! 
Favorite Thing To Do in Vermont: Watch the sunset over Lake Champlain with the mountains in the background 
Favorite Podcast: Vanessa is loving so many podcasts right now, including “Darkness” and “We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle” 

Vanessa Chumbley 
Managing Editor 

Prior to SI-MBA, Vanessa spent ten years as a stage manager for opera and ballet companies across the country, most recently with Houston Ballet. Stage management allowed Vanessa to hone significant operational, project management, and leadership skills. She hopes to continue growing these skills and combine them with her newly acquired business hard skills to leave the world better than she found it, continue inspiring and healing people through storytelling and creativity, and help people avoid burnout and find balance in their careers.  

Vanessa has always enjoyed writing – both for her personal blog and as a Contributing Writer for various online journals, including Elephant Journal and Theatre Art Life. Serving as Managing Editor for the Sustainable Innovation Review allows Vanessa to combine her project management and operations core competencies with her love of writing. 

Connect with Nancy!  

Sustainability Role Model: Albina Ruiz 
Favorite Thing To Do in Vermont: Going thrift shopping with her friends from the program
Favorite Podcast: The World Fair Trade Organization has a great podcast called Fair Tradio

Nancy Demuth 
Creative Director 

Prior to joining the SI-MBA program, Nancy worked for some of the UK’s longest established non-profits focused on fair trade, including Twin & Twin Trading and Traidcraft Exchange. Her experience to date spans communications, marketing, fundraising and advocacy campaigning, including a campaign calling on big apparel brands to pay garment workers fairly at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In 2017 Nancy completed a month-long assignment in Rwanda and Burundi, interviewing and photographing coffee farmers at cooperatives to create marketing brochures for ethical buyers. Through the SI-MBA program, she is excited to learn more about ethical sourcing practices and how great design can be harnessed to drive demand for purpose-driven products. Nancy holds a BA in Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Italian) from Durham University. 

Connect with Josh! 

Sustainability Role Model: Rachel Carson 
Favorite Thing To Do in Vermont: Skiing 
Favorite Book: Moneyball 

Josh Kriesberg 
Editor, Clean Energy & Technology 

After graduating from Syracuse University, Josh began his career on a team developing state and federal policy related to energy efficiency and clean energy. Later, he managed the Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program and other workforce development initiatives in Massachusetts. He is an avid skier, sports fan, and strategist who isn’t afraid of tackling big problems.  

Connect with Dan! 

Sustainability Role Model: Jane Goodall (since he could walk) 
Favorite Thing To Do in Vermont: Ski in the woods 
Favorite Podcast: Radiolab and The Jordan Harbinger Show 

Dan Lazarus 
Community Catalyst 

Dan graduated from the University of Vermont in 2014 with a B.S in Environmental Studies and a minor in Sociology. After spending a year working in Colorado as a School-Based Mentor with AmeriCorps he traveled further west to California. Since 2016 Dan has been developing and directing outdoor science programs for people of all ages, first with a residential outdoor science school and then, with the Santa Cruz County Parks Department. 

Now back at UVM, Dan is ready to immerse himself in the SI-MBA program. Dan is a relationship builder and jumps at the opportunity to connect with new people. He believes conversation can change the world (it in fact does, everyday) and that curiosity, attentive observation and active listening are his most important skills. Dan is beyond excited to join the SIR editorial board as the Community Catalyst to bring diverse perspectives together and foster creative cooperation. 

Connect with Ally!  

Sustainability Role Model: Suzanne McDowell (King Arthur Flour) 
Favorite Thing To Do in Vermont: Hiking and exploring the Green Mountains with my friends and family   
Favorite Podcast: A wide range, including: “Stuff You Should Know” and “Eat This Podcast” 

Ally Rigutto 
Editor, Food & Agriculture  

Ally graduated from the University of Vermont in 2021 where she received a B.S. in Food Systems with a concentration in Community and International Development and a minor in Applied Design. During her time as an undergraduate, she worked closely with many local food businesses and farms in VT. Then, within a few months of graduation, she was back at UVM to pursue an MBA in Sustainable Innovation. In her time with SIMBA and beyond she aims to connect her love of food, business, and design to help create an equitable and regenerative food system. 

Connect with Taylor!  

Sustainability Role Model: Greta Thunberg 
Favorite Thing To Do in Vermont: Explore downtown Burlington – there are so many great venues and restaurants! 
Favorite Podcast: Armchair Expert 

Taylor Smith 
Editor, Finance 

Taylor joined SI-MBA after six years working for an environmental engineering consulting firm near Baltimore. He’s spent the bulk of his professional career conducting environmental investigations and facilitating redevelopment on historically contaminated industrial sites, including the former Bethlehem Steel production plant located in Sparrows Point, MD. The plant was historically the largest steel making facility in the United States with a long history at the intersection of industry, labor, and the environment. Taylor has extensive experience facilitating cooperation between regulatory agencies, multi-disciplinary engineering firms, and non-profit organizations like the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. 

As modern industries consider new environmental and social challenges, Taylor hopes to make a meaningful impact in the transition to a sustainable future. He previously earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Delaware. Taylor enjoys hiking, exploring, and doing other outdoorsy things in his free time. 

The Sustainable Innovation Review Editorial Advisory Board 

Stuart Hart

Steven Grossman Distinguished Fellow in Sustainable Innovation
Co-founder and former Director of The Sustainable Innovation MBA 

Sarah Mell

Educator and Trainer of Inclusive Excellence at UVM’s Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Siera Barton

Senior Consultant, Climate Change and Sustainability at EY 
Sustainable Innovation MBA Alumni ’21

Ken Mirvis

Consultant at The Writing Company