Human Land-Use History of Phenology Spot

The sit spot were I frequent, in the study of phenology, sits in a forest called Centennial woods. The namesake explains the century the woods has stood, but it begs the question of before the woods was established. Looking back at the picture from 1937, in the previous post, we can see that the part of the land including my sit spot was cleared of forest. Cross-referencing that with a field guide about the woods, I deducted that it was a farmscape of some sort. The document describes the areas around my sit spot; “Because this field is no longer kept open by humans for pasture or other farm use, it is undergoing succession, or orderly change in the types of plants and animal communities that live here.” (Environmental Program 1). This quote is in a section that describes the conditions of where my sit spot lies, providing evidence, along with the map, that my phenology spot is reintegrated forestland.


Environmental Program. The Changing Landscapes of Centennial Woods Natural Area. Burlington, VT: University of Vermont. Retrieved from: