Description of Fall Temporary Spot

Walking outside the crisp air of November enveloped me. I traversed across the yard and up a slight hill, to the woods were my youth was spent and my love for he environment. Standing in a little clearing were a childhood fort once stood, I looked up and marveled at the incredible height of the Eastern White Pines mixed with White Oaks, Red Maples, and an understory of Eastern White Pine and White Birch. The place has always stirred my wonder since I was but a young boy. The pines had a light dusting of snow from the weekend and I could hear nothing but the wind through the trees. Next to the clearing was a little mound of soil with plants growing all over it and a huge quartz rock. I remember back to the day were I tried to dig out what appeared to be a small quartz rock. That adventure quickly turned into a mouth long dig of pulling granite rock after granite rock out of the ground.

This journey allowed me to determine the soil composition of the ground as sandy loam with high amounts of granite and quartz, and a granite bedrock. The high amounts of Eastern White Pines in the canopy has increased the tannic acid in the soil lowering the pH.  But, the area does have a high biodiversity in tree species including Red Maples and White Oaks proving that the soil conditions actually have a wide variety of conditions. Mixed throughout the forest are some White Birches, which describes some full sun spots possibly disturbances in the forest. Even with the snow cover there’s obvious signs that squirrels and possible other wildlife have been collecting food for their caches. With one final glance I see the succession of nature, and the marks once left on the land from my occupation are now gone.