Centennial Woods Send Off

Just in these past two weeks since the last time I visited my phenology site, there have been some noticeable changes. Many of the trees and shrubs have produced leaflets. These include Box Elder, Ash, Barberry, and Northern Red Oak. I also noticed a big change in the bird activity. There were many more birds […]

Spring Has Arrived

Much has changed in Centennial Woods since March. To start, all of the snow and ice has melted, and the forest is coming back to life. More birds are singing, more squirrels are out foraging, and some trees are even starting to grow leaflets. While I didn’t see any trees flowering yet, I did notice […]

Spring Break in Pennsylvania

Over spring break, I was able to spend a lot of time outside due to the nice, warm weather. One place that I spent a lot of time in was Tyler State Park, a place where I spent much of my free time growing up.  Going back before this land was purchased from William Penn […]

Exploring Natural Communities of Centennial Woods

After investigating my phenology spot in Centennial Woods and reading through Wetland, Woodland, Wildland, I believe that the natural community of my area is a White Pine – Red Oak – Black Oak Forest. I came to this conclusion by noting the large numbers of both Eastern White Pines and Northern Red Oaks. Many of […]

Switching Gears to Centennial Woods!

After spending much time exploring Lone Rock Point and the area surrounding it, I decided to check out a new place that is important to me: Centennial Woods. To get to this spot, I walk out the back of Harris/Millis along Spear Street and follow that across Main Street. From there, I walk along East […]

Human History in Lone Rock

Since my last visit to Lone Rock Point, the vegetation changed quite a bit. All of the deciduous trees had lost their leaves. However, the coniferous trees such as Northern White Cedar, Eastern Hemlock, and Eastern White Pine remained the same. Additionally, the wildlife activity was much lower than normal. I imagine this was due […]

Thanksgiving Phenology in Pennsylvania

https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=en&mid=1m8ZuGLudTCQ9kqj530io9kjgnIZY3aOw&ll=40.33916598238949%2C-75.16960140000003&z=18 Over Thanksgiving break, I spent a day at the Peace Valley Nature Center, a local park that I have been going to for many years now. The spot that I chose for the Thanksgiving Break phenology assignment is very special to me.  I have spent countless hours there over the past couple of years […]

Finally a Sunny Day – Lone Rock Point 11/4/18

This event map shows all of the interesting things that I encountered while walking to, from, and through my phenology spot. Other than the sun being out, not a whole lot changed at Lone Rock Point in the last two weeks.  However, most of the deciduous trees that had fall colors two weeks ago had […]

Lone Rock Point Visit 2

This week, the deciduous trees had either turned orange or lost their leaves.  However, the Northern White Cedars and other coniferous trees remained green.  Other than that, not much else was different among the flora in the area.  However, animal activity seemed lower.  I saw fewer squirrels and heard fewer birds.  The only species of […]

Introduction to Lone Rock Point

Since my first time visiting Lone Rock Point earlier this year, I knew that it was a special place.  I absolutely loved it and had to choose it as my spot for this phenology project.  Although it is a journey to get there, it is well worth the hassle.  I take the bus down from […]