Switching Gears to Centennial Woods!

After spending much time exploring Lone Rock Point and the area surrounding it, I decided to check out a new place that is important to me: Centennial Woods. To get to this spot, I walk out the back of Harris/Millis along Spear Street and follow that across Main Street. From there, I walk along East Avenue and turn right onto Catamount Drive which takes me right to the entrance of Centennial Woods. To get to my specific spot, I follow the path across the stream, go beyond the steep hill on the right and then walk back down to the water.


During my visit to this spot, things were pretty quiet in terms of wildlife. I heard a few Black-capped Chickadees calling from the Eastern Hemlocks, but not much else was making their presence apparent. There was also a very light rain that dampened the tracks of animals that had gone through. However, there was plenty of human activity, and I found what I believe to be dog tracks that were next to some person’s footprints.

Although the wildlife may have been hiding that day, the trees couldn’t! My area is home to many Eastern Hemlocks along with some Eastern White Pines, and a few White Oaks. This sketch of a White Oak below represents some of their features that make it possible to identify them in the winter.


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