Top 10 Tips for Effective Marketing

All marketing is good. Some marketing is more effective than others.
Maximize Your Marketing Effectiveness (Downloadable PDF click here)

  1. Always include your contact information.
  2. Target your message: who is your audience? Use this information to know when and how to convey it:
    • What features/benefits resonate with your audience
    • Where they will buy the product
    • Where they will see your message
  3. Have a call to action: tell your customer what you want them to do
  4. Use marketing tactics that have easy to measure results, such as:
    • Redeemable incentives (coupons, gift cards, punch cards/frequent purchaser cards, etc.)
    • Time sensitive incentives (sales, promotions)
  5. Track your marketing by having a call to action and using tactics with measurable metrics which enable you to assess whether your marketing is working:
    • Did sales go up?
    • Did coupons get redeemed?
    • Did customers do what you asked them to do?
  6. Include people in your visual imagery, people are drawn to pictures of people.
  7. Minimize verbiage: The fewer the words, the more effective your message. Aim for 7 words or less. Think billboards: if you had to put your message on a billboard, how could you boil it down?
  8. Repetition and consistency: Customers need to see your message 5 times before they absorb it. Then they need to see it an additional 5 times before they make a decision to do something.
  9. Focus on low hanging fruit first: Employ marketing tactics to increase frequency and size of existing customers’ purchases, then worry about finding new customers.
  10. Monitor your budget! Marketing can be a black hole money pit. Set measurable objectives for each tactic, know what the cost of the tactic will be, and calculate the projected return on investment, make sure you are satisfied with the potential return before investing and then make sure to track outcomes.

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