Dunes Day!

Riding through sand dunes between the coastal towns of Katwijk and Noordwijk

by Jane Stromberg

This was one of my favorite bike rides because of the scenery, the downhill trails, and the length of the ride. It was less sunny and a lot cooler out that day, which was kind of refreshing. The scenery meant that riding from Den Hague to Katwijk was really beautiful.

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Reflecting on the first day of class

The group takes a quick pic while trying on helmets before getting on the bikes for the first time

by Sam Terwilliger

After arriving at the Schiphol Airport I knew I had a long day ahead but couldn’t wait to get started. While the plane was landing I had noticed how unique the land was; the grasslands looked like they were broken up into grids creating an interesting landscape altogether. After reading information on how this came to be in the first couple chapters of The Dutch and their Delta, I was interested to get to Amsterdam and start learning about how the Dutch manage their water. Continue reading “Reflecting on the first day of class”

The dunes of Katwijk

Natural sand dunes protect several coastal towns, we were treated to these dunes through Wassenaar on our way to Katwijk.

by Phil Carruthers

Recently we rode our bikes along the western coast of the Netherlands, to the city of Katwijk in the province of South Holland. During this ride, we traveled through what I think was some of the coolest scenery I have ever seen. We departed from De Haag and traveled North, and then we hit the sand dunes of the West Coast. This area was completely different from anything else we had ridden through during our trip. Instead of flat roads through small villages and vast agricultural land, this bike path twisted, turned, rose, and fell through the massive dunes. On top of the dunes themselves, fog began to roll through, making the environment even more surreal. Continue reading “The dunes of Katwijk”