Required textbook: The Dutch and their Delta (2015)
by Jacob Vossesstein
Approximately $28 new on Amazon, or available at the UVM Bookstore.

Updated April 18, 2019

Student Packing List
A suggested packing list of items for the trip

Culture and Language with Bob van Heeks
Tips, tricks and suggestions from our class with Bob

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions for this trip
Getting to the airport, daily activities for the trip, and more

Article: Cycling in the Netherlands
Traffic rules, regulations and expectations in the Netherlands

Local Motion: Vermont Bike Maps and Routes
Curated maps and routes around Burlington and Vermont for biking before the trip

Article: Crusing a Superhighway Built for Bikes
by Laura Bliss / CityLab

Book: Why the Dutch are Different
by Ben Coates

UVM Office of International Education

General Frequently Asked Questions (OIE)
General frequently asked questions about UVM travel study trips

Study Abroad Guidebook
UVM guidebook for study abroad preparations

Office of International Education – Contact
Contact information for the Office of International Education at UVM