Join the EPA VolMon List

The Volmonitor Listserver connects volunteer water monitoring program coordinators nationwide by serving as an internet forum for questions, announcements, and discussion on topics of interest to the volunteer monitoring community. New members are always welcome. Messages posted to the listserver will be read by all subscribers, who can respond either to the originator or to the entire list.

To subscribe to the Volmonitor listserver:

Send a blank email to Once you have subscribed, you will receive a welcome message with instructions on using the listserver. This will confirm your membership.

To unsubscribe from the Volmonitor listserver:

Send a blank email to The unsubscribe request must originate from the email address of the subscriber.

To send a message to the Volmonitor listserver:

You must be subscribed to the listserver to send a message. Send the message to and it will automatically be sent to all subscribers on the list. NOTE: if you hit “Reply” to answer the message, your reply will go to all subscribers! If you want to reply only to the originator, you must paste that person’s email address in your TO: line.