Kris S

Welcome! This website provides connections to the various projects and people with whom I have (or have had) the pleasure to work.
Feel free to explore the links in the sidebar. If you are a potential graduate student, you might be interested to visit the website of the Watershed, Education, Science and Policy Lab that I lead. If you might be seeking scientific resources that can help you or others promote healthy ecosystems or become more resilient to climate change, you might check out the website for Lake Champlain Sea Grant for which I serve as Extension Leader. If you are interested or engaged in volunteer water monitoring, you might choose to visit the USA Volunteer Water Monitoring Network website to find a directory of and resources for aquatic-focused community science initiatives. Alternatively, you might take a moment to explore one of several blogs I play (or played) a role in creating, or to learn about the Lake Champlain Richelieu River Flood Study for which I serve as the US co-chair for the Public Advisory Group. Hopefully, wherever you choose to go, you’ll learn a few interesting things in your explorations. Feel free to contact me if needed too (email preferred).