It’s National Farm Safety and Health Week

Feeding time at UVM’s Miller Farm

“Every day, the lives of Americans are touched by the hard work and dedication of our Nation’s farmers, ranchers, and farmworkers.  The food they produce through their tireless efforts fuels our Nation, nourishes our bodies, and sustains millions at home and around the globe.”  With these words Barack Obama began his proclamation of the week of September 19 – 25 as National Farm Safety and Health Week.

Farmers work with potentially hazardous equipment, animals, and conditions on a daily basis.  Sometimes they need a reminder to take routine precautions.  SAFETY IS NO ACCIDENT.

The Vermont Agency of Ag recently produced a sobering 2-part video about farm safety, A Farm Accident Could Happen to Any One of Us.  The videos are posted on YouTube and can also be found at the Agency website.  On the 28th, Vermont Rebates for Roll Bars will be launched to assist farmers in retrofitting older tractors with this life-saving safety equipment.

Need more information on agricultural safety?

The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety has a nice list of resources available.  Last year I checked out the National Ag Safety Database interactive training course on sharing the road with agricultural vehicles.  This is a good time of year to take a look at that one.

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