Julie’s Biography

Julie Smith, DVM, PhD

Hi! My students call me Dr. Julie. My friends call me Dr. Dr. Julie or just Julie. I am a research associate professor in the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Vermont. Since moving to Vermont in 2002, I have conducted trainings for Extension educators, livestock producers, and community members emphasizing the importance of awareness and prevention of animal diseases and taken a multi-disciplinary approach to exploring the complex problem of disease prevention and control in livestock production. I currently lead a large multi-institutional, interdisciplinary project looking at the human behavioral aspects of implementing practices to protect animal health and food security. Previously I have conducted studies to better understand the risk of highly contagious disease spread among Vermont dairy farms. I am currently teaching undergraduates in Animals in Society/Animal Welfare, Calf Biology and Management, and ABCs of Biosecurity.

Healthy Farms Healthy AgricultureCheck out the video I produced in 2004. It was a National Association of Country Agricultural Agents video award winner in 2005. Back then we made VHS tapes! I also have DVD copies available.

The new Healthy Farms Healthy Agriculture website can be found at healthyagriculture.org.

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