Butterwick Farms


Dr. Julie Smith talks with Butterwick Farms owner/operator John Roberts about the her grant-funded project, "Costs and Challenges Associated with Developing and Implementing a Community-Wide Biosecurity Plan." Photo by Cheryl Dorschner

Today I visited Butterwick Farm, owned by John and Lisa Roberts, in West Cornwall, Vt, with Cheryl Dorschner, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Senior Communications Professional.  It turns out that the biosecurity project I am leading has been selected by the College to be featured in an upcoming publication.  Cheryl wanted to interview one of the case farms participating in the project and get some photos.  She kindly shared a couple with me.  We picked a very photogenic day, showing up as the milk truck driver was finishing his routine there.  It was quite a sight seeing the milk truck backed up to the milk house, the front bumper just barely out of the intersection.  We saw many dump trucks go by hauling chopped hay to the neighboring farm.  As John and his son are planning on starting up a butter making venture on the farm in the near future, it is especially evident why biosecurity is important to them.

John had this to say about participating in the biosecurity project:“I want more awareness; I want a plan; I want to never have to use it.”

The last sentiment is shared by all of us engaged in planning for a highly contagious disease emergency such as foot-and-mouth disease.

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  1. wheelchair says:

    biosecurity project is really gives an outstanding idea that is very helpful for all the people related to the farms and agriculture. I am also a farmer and i would like to hear more about this in future.
    Thanks Louis

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