REL131: (D2) Studies in Hindu Traditions 

Boring Details & Pseudolegalese | Taught by Ilyse R. Morgenstein Fuerst, Fall 2014. Blog maintained by her; posts are edited in conjunction with student peer revisions and professor revisions. Views are those of their authors, and not Morgenstein Fuerst, the Department of Religion, or the University. Contact Morgenstein Fuerst here with any questions.

Course Description | This course focuses on Hindu traditions. It is the purpose of this course to familiarize students with Hinduism as well as multiple Hinduisms, using historical and primary sources (in translation) and political, narrative, and fictive sources where appropriate. In this course, students will become knowledgeable about Hinduism and Hindu lived experience and the historical contexts from which those experiences, texts, political ramifications, and practices arise.

Blog rationale | Digital media is important. As is the research process. Combining the two–development of question, library & image research, peer review, and revision as well as accessible writing meant for public consumption–is a worthy (and, perhaps, instrumental) pedagogical endeavor. See my contribution to the blog, which goes into more detail on these issues, here.

Special thanks | Patricia Mardeusz, liaison librarian for Religion (among other fields and disciplines), aided many students personally in one-on-one meetings, and set up an entire research guide and webpage for our course. We are in her debt!

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