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The Dead Sea Defenders 

DSD is a dedicated group advocating for the ecological considerations of the Dead Sea by the consumers of its precious natural material. The Dead Sea is a unique natural site being depleted by businessman looking for the natural resources within.

There are a few reasons that natural resources are being extracted from the Dead Sea, causing it to dry up: potash is extracted for gardeners to use as fertilizer, salts and minerals for cosmetics, and mud for tourist spa treatments. The extraction process for these materials require evaporating the water in pools to then be able to collect the deposited minerals. These industries continue to grow and become a greater contributor to the shrinking of the Dead Sea. This depletion has a plethora of far-reaching impacts. As the Dead Sea recedes, the freshwater aquifers running along its perimeter do as well. This freshwater can slowly dissolve salt deposits left behind, causing a disruption in the earth and creating sinkholes.

As the Sea shrinks and sinkholes become more common in the area, local farming communities are displaced, the region’s water scarcity increases, the tourism industry continues struggling, surrounding habitat is degraded, and mass tension ensues.  We believe it is the responsibility of the consumers of Dead Sea products to be aware of the impact their purchases can have on the environment and people of this region and to act accordingly, for the good of present and future generations.

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