Hop Equipment Info Gets New Home

hopequipsiteWorking closely with farmers, UVM Extension agricultural engineer Chris Callahan, UVM engineering students, and Heather Darby and the staff at the NWCS program have developed prototypes for small-scale hop-related equipment. The info for this equipment had been posted on a wiki site which was giving us (and many of you) some trouble.

So, we’ve created a new webpage page to view information on the Hop Oast, Hop Harvester, and small-scale hop balers. Working with Chris, we’ve moved the plans for the oast and harvester over to FarmHack, a website maintained by a community of farmers that share information in an open-source format embracing inventing, fabricating, tweaking, and improving equipment and things that break.

We think farmer-to-farmer collaboration is key to improving these and other equipment innovations, and feel that FarmHack is a good fit. Anyone can join FarmHack for free and, in addition to hop equipment, there are hundreds of other equipment innovations posted on the site used by farmers worldwide.

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