Working Landscapes, Livable Communities    July 13-19, 2019

The Ninth Quadrennial Conference of British, Canadian, and American Rural Geographers was hosted by Peter Nelson (Middlebury College) and Cheryl Morse (University of Vermont) in Vermont, USA. Rural geographers from Australia, Wales, Northern Ireland, England, Canada, Scotland, England, and the United States shared research, discussed pressing rural concerns, completed a community engagement exercise, and conducted experiential learning by visiting a number of Vermont-based working landscape and rural community enterprises.

Thirty-two papers were presented, focusing on the following conference and research areas:

Working Landscapes and Livable Communities

  • Diversity in Rural Spaces
  • Rural (Im)Mobilities
  • Rural Relationality and Experience
  • Social and Ecological Change in Rural Landscapes
  • Dimensions of Resource Extraction
  • Rural Dynamics Beyond the UK, US, and Canada
  • Rural Cultural Resilience
  • Rural Politics, Planning, and Development

Lisa Harrington, Kansas State University, began the conference with a review of Rural Quadrennial themes and concerns: “The Quadrennial Rural Geography Meetings: A Topical Retrospective”

It was a dynamic conference and we look forward to the next Quad in 2023, hosted by the Canadian group!

Please contact Cheryl Morse: cheryl.morse@uvm.edu  or Peter Nelson: pbnelson@middlebury.edu with any questions.