Your Major Does Not Define You

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Many students believe that their undergraduate studies will directly impact what employment opportunities they find. For some students, they may pursue a career related to their major. Others will find career opportunities unrelated to their major. This is normal!  

Matt Wilkerson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Paragon One, a career advisory network. He explains that an undergraduate major provides a structure for how to develop career skills like communication and problem solving, which will serve you well in any career field you pursue. Matt’s advice? “Don’t fall prey to the idea that your major is a life or death decision.”  

What’s the takeaway? Take time to discover your interests and build upon the eight career competencies of critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork, professionalism, communication, leadership, technology skills, self-development, and equity and inclusion awareness. Any major you pursue will allow you to build and develop these skills.  

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Your College Major Does Not Define Your Career:

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