Wanted: Socially Responsible Employer

Ethics Street SignIt is common knowledge in today’s society that corporations worldwide face a fundamental struggle: the struggle to find a balance between profit and ethics. The question has always been- can a company be successful and ethical?  This is an incredibly important question for the general public, but it is absolutely crucial for the college student and/or recent graduate who is searching for employment. Where do corporations’ ethics and socially responsible practices fit into the job search process? How much do ethics matter to today’s young workforce?

A tool has been created to gauge the social responsibility of a corporation called the Corporate Social Responsibility Index. This index takes into account three broad domains of social responsibility when ranking corporations:

1.)   Citizenship- How does the corporation contribute to the overall wellbeing of the community which it is a part of? What about to the Global community?

2.)   Governance- How is the business run? Is the company transparent with its stakeholders?

3.)   Workplace- How are the employees treated? Are the wages fair? Does the corporation invest in their employees’ career development?

The idea that young adults today are becoming critical, socially responsible future employees is becoming a growing area of interest for researchers. In fact, the manager of the Careers and Employer Relations Office at the University of Sydney, Rosemary Sainty, has dedicated the majority of her work to helping college students choose ethical employers. She has created a resource to get college students thinking about ethics and their future. So start thinking! What will make the difference when you choose your future employer?

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~Sam, Career Peer Advisor

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