Using the 4 Year Plan for Career Success: A Student Perspective

Coming into college my first year, I didn’t know what to expect. It was my first time on my own: holding myself accountable and trying to survive all of the exams. You may not have known what was expected of you either! How do you pick your major? What resources are available to research jobs […]

The Home Stretch

As you begin finals, we want to wish you good luck in the last days of the fall semester. Between study sessions, you might also start to think about how to use the upcoming break to your full advantage. During the semester you may have felt too busy to begin delving into career exploration or […]

Top 5 Tips to Make the most out of LinkedIn this Summer

Whatever you are doing this summer (job, internship, volunteering, travel), you are probably meeting interesting people. Stay connected with your summer connections through LinkedIn. Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind as you network on LinkedIn: 1. Connect with a purpose.  LinkedIn is a professional social network, not a personal social network.  Don’t […]

World of Work: Allie Schwartz ’11, LinkedIn

Allie Schwartz ‘11 Relationship Management Specialist LinkedIn New York, NY Major: Community Entrepreneurship How would you describe what you do on a typical day? I build and maintain relationships with our clients. I help ensure our clients see success from our tools and I am constantly in contact with them. I support a team […]

Savvy Seniors: Parting Words

As you prepare to graduate from UVM, you are probably awash with information and advice. This article from US News Money boils it down to what you really need to know: Tough Love Tips for College Seniors Entering the Job Market The highlights? Good news! Employers report they expect to hire 13% more new grads […]

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