Spotlight on: Julia Sexton ’21

I am a Senior Biochemistry major and a Peer Leader within the Health Professions Interest Group at the Career Center. This fall, I will be attending Pharmacy school to pursue my Pharm.D at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Albany, New York. Being from the Albany area, I was initially drawn to UVM because of the location and because of the strong pre-health advising. Throughout my undergraduate coursework, I discovered that I was mostly interested in how chemicals and medications could be used in the treatment of disease, while also searching for a profession in patient care, leading me to consider a career in pharmacy. I started working as a Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens last fall. Through this role, I have become a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician and a COVID-19 vaccine immunizer. After pharmacy school, I hope to complete a 1-2 year residency to become eligible to work in clinical settings. 

Throughout my time at UVM, I have been an active member in Chicks on Sticks, an all-female-identifying club focusing on increasing women representation in the ski and snowboard industries. Over my winter breaks, I have also worked as a Ski Patroller at Gore Mountain in upstate New York. That being said, I have a passion for skiing. Being at UVM has allowed me to ski and explore many ski areas I had never been to before. My favorite resort in Vermont is probably Jay Peak, aside from the long drive. However, this season I had the Ikon pass and a Smugglers Notch pass, so I skied primarily at Sugarbush and Smuggs.   

My advice to any student considering a career in pharmacy or healthcare is to try to listen to your gut rather than the people around you. Yes, it is challenging to get into professional programs, but try not to let others discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Along with this, try not to let others (especially parents) steer you in the direction they think is best for you. At the end of the day, you need to consider what career will be most fulfilling for you, not what would make others happiest. Lastly, don’t be afraid to change your mind. I jumped from idea to idea before I finally landed on pharmacy. I also got experience in the field to ensure that this was the path for me. You have plenty of time to change your mind!

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