Slow and Steady Gets the Job: Stamina and Motivation in a Job Search

Crossing the Finish Line

A job search is similar to any long-term goal you might work towards in life.  It could be a big race, a lengthy-paper, major project…any of these require at least two qualities- stamina and motivation.

When you set your mind to participating in a 5K, marathon, triathlon or similar race it is generally advisable that you train over an extended period of time in manageable pieces.  If you’re a new runner, you probably don’t want to start your first run pushing 3 miles.  Never run longer distances?  Your runs should build in length each time- 26.2 miles on day 1 of training is unrealistic.

Perhaps you’ve had a semester- or year-long assignment to complete for a class or towards a degree.   Many times procrastination is not an option.  Professors and advisors may require regular check-ins, certain components might have to happen before you can move forward on other parts, and most of us won’t put forth our best work on such a substantial undertaking within a small timeframe.

It’s easy to think a job search should be a quick process, but just like these other types of tasks it requires extended and dedicated amounts of time.  To stay motivated, surround yourself with positive people and messages.  To maintain your stamina, don’t bite off more than you can chew at once.  One day can be spent polishing up your resume, another for searching for jobs, and yet another for interview preparation.

Happy job searching!


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