Meet your Networkers: Russell Hirschorn

Russell Hirschorn Profile Picture

Attending one of our Winter Break Networking Events? Allow us to introduce you to some of our amazing Alumni Networkers who will be in attendance! We asked our alumni to answer a series of questions, and their responses are for you.


Russell Hirschorn, attending our New York Career Networking Night.

Business Administration major and class of ‘09.

Product Manager with Polaris Solutions.

  • Tell us about your job and how you got there.

I am currently a Product Manager for four of our five major technologies and transitioning to manage our newest and largest account. To get the job, I worked very hard at UVM and got a very good internship which made for a great resume. Polaris found me on I came VERY prepared for the interview, acted professionally and spoke intelligently. That is very important since you don’t know much after graduating college. To succeed, I aligned myself with the people who wanted me to succeed, made sure to be very clear about what I wanted and was active in understanding what I needed to do to get to the next level at all times.

  • What advice do you have for students starting in their careers?

Don’t let anything deter you. There is more working against you than for you when starting your career, and even when switching careers or companies. Look for creative alternatives for finding jobs and improving your resume. Use your network and the traits that make you unique as an individual to find people in your network that have common interests. A mentor of mine said, “People Hire People,” and I strongly believe that– above all– is what gets people jobs.


— Adler Chris, Marketing Assistant, Career Center

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