Meet Your Networkers: Sumeera Gupta

Alumna Sumeera Gupta Photo

Attending one of our Winter Break Networking Events? Allow us to introduce you to some of our amazing Alumni Networkers who will be in attendance! We asked our alumni to answer a series of questions, and their responses are for you.

Sumeera Gupta, attending our Boston Networking Night:

Business Administration major and class of ‘11

Operational Risk Analyst with Santander Bank, U.S.

• Tell us about your job and how you got there.

Upon graduating from UVM in the School of Business, I moved to Colorado and easily found a job with Wells Fargo as a Personal Banker– and slowly moved my way up. I was eager to learn the other side of banking, so I moved into Mortgage Underwriting. After 3 years with this position, and living in Colorado, I moved home to Massachusetts and easily found a job as a credit analyst for the Dealer Services Division with Wells Fargo (Auto Loan Underwriter). However, it still wasn’t the ideal job is for me. I reached out to my former Business Career Advisor from UVM, Sue Schlom, to help me job hunt and figure out what would be a good transition to a different field and look for another great, stable, growing company. I was able to find a job with Santander Bank, U.S. in their Corporate HQ in Dorchester as an Operational Risk Analyst. This is the perfect position for me as I am able to still analyze risk but, but of the operational side of the bank. I knew this would be the step in the right direction to get towards that Finance Field and as a Financial Analyst. I hope to, at some point, be the CFO of this company or maybe even my own company!

• What advice do you have for students starting in their careers?

1.) Just go for it! Don’t be afraid of that job or position or think that you are not qualified. It’s about what you have to offer and who you are as a person! You will learn each and every day something new! You will learn on the job. 2.)It’s ok to work your way up! I say this because I saw some of my friends getting different positions and I felt like I was starting from the bottom. The more you learn, the more you will know and be more qualified for that next open position. 3.) Do as much as you can at UVM, be part of different/diverse organizations, get to know the faculty, do an internship, Study Abroad and get to know the Alumni Relations Directors. It will help with your networking and as an Alumni after you graduate!

–Adler Chris, Marketing Assistant, Career Center

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