Navigating a Networking Event – Advice from Alumni

Conversation bubbles filled with silhouettes of faces

Alumni are a rich source of career experience, stories, and advice. Each year, UVM alums gather in different cities to connect with and support students at networking nights. Below is a compilation of suggestions from our alumni networkers on how to prepare and best navigate an alumni networking event:

  • Get on LinkedIn! If you aren’t already signed up, a registration should be a requirement before attending at networking night.
  • Look up alumni networkers on LinkedIn or Google them for interesting topics of conversation.
  • Come prepared with questions. Have specific questions for certain alumni that you are looking to connect with and have some general questions that you can apply to alums from various industries.
  • Do some thinking before you walk in – what are your interests, what are you good at, what kind of environment are you looking for. I need enough information so that I can help a student get to that next contact or job interview.
  • Be open minded and curious. Never be afraid to ask questions and reach out afterwards.
  • Come prepared with your resume, a business card, or something that has your email or information on it.
  • Always ask for business cards and send follow up emails.
  • The day after the event, follow up with the alumni with a thank you email or LinkedIn message.
  • Follow up! I would love to help but I can’t help anyone if I don’t hear from them!


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