Market Yourself in 30 Seconds: The "Elevator Speech"

Chances are that you’ve stood in an elevator with some well-connected people. It’s also likely that you didn’t strike up a conversation with them.

An “elevator speech” is a clear, concise pitch about yourself – what you do well and what you are looking to do – in the time that it takes to ride from the bottom to the top of a building in an elevator.  About 30 seconds.

If you take just 5 minutes to develop your elevator speech or “pitch”, you will be more confident in marketing yourself when meeting new people at social events, in professional settings, and even in unlikely networking spots like the grocery store or airport.  Create your own elevator speech online or read these tips to enhance yours.

Knowing how to market your unique skills and attributes is of utmost importance in the job search. Having a practiced and thoughtful elevator speech is your first step to success.

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