Making the most of your spring semester

As we know, what you do now impacts your future.

Whether it be getting your degree, obtaining experience in your desired field, or fostering connections with people you value. All of these are things that we, as students, are doing now to influence our future! All of these options can seem straightforward, but once you start delving into just how many options there are, it can be overwhelming. So today we are going to line out a few different routes you can take to set yourself up for success.

  1. Getting your degree.
    You should be so proud of yourself that you’re here, you’re in school, and you’re trying your best. There are also so many resources on campus to help you succeed in your degree. Whether it be your academic advisor or the Advising Center, the Career Center, different identity centers, Living Well, etc… all of these resources are here for you, regardless of what year you’re in.
  2. Finding and accessing experience in your field.
    This can be really low pressure and a lot of fun. Take the time now to explore your field and find your niche within it. This can be done through volunteering, job shadowing, connected with alumni, internships, part-time jobs, and so much more. Many job shadowing opportunities can be even just a couple hours one time. Internships can be in the summer or during the school year or spring break. There are endless opportunities and there is certainly a variety out there for every student. Stop by the Career Center to chat with a peer mentor about what is right for you. Also… did you know that UVM offers a scholarship for unpaid/underpaid internships? Definitely something worth checking out. The application is due in March!
  3. Last but certainly not least… fostering connections.
    We always hear about how who you know is so important. But how do you find these people you’re supposed to know?? Networking! Thankfully in this day and age there are many online platforms that promote networking whether that is LinkedIn, UVMConnect, Bumble Bizz, or good old-fashioned networking events. Your academic advisor is also an excellent connection who knows many alums and industry experts who might be valuable to you! A great networking opportunity to attend is the Arts, Media & Communication Networking Night on February 20th, or the UVM Spring Job & Internship Fair on March 18th. This is an excellent time to practice chatting with professionals and employers, a time to practice your elevator speech, or just to get comfortable talking with unfamiliar people. Also, the Exploring Group is hosting our very first themed drop-in hours this week! It will be focused on networking. You can come in to chat with Aren or Victoria about anything networking related. All people of all backgrounds and years are strongly encouraged to come and chat!

Feel free to come by the Career Center any time because we’re here to help you with all your career-related needs. And please keep your eye out for upcoming events from the Exploring group (spoiler: they’re going to be awesome).

It’s time to set yourself up for a successful semester and summer!

— Victoria, Exploring Interest Group Peer Leader

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