Make Yourself Shine Online!

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So you found your dream job.  You spent hours editing your resume and cover letter to perfection, and you scored an interview.  You don your finest dress outfit, arrive early, and ace the interview with your professionalism, knowledge, and inquisitive questions.  You know you are the perfect candidate for the position, and the employer knows it too.

The hiring manager is ready to give you the position, but first she searches your Facebook profile.  On it is an array of statuses and pictures about your affinity for funneling beers, flippin’ the bird, and complaining about work.  One quick glance from the hiring manager and your application, along with your hopes for future employment, are tossed in the trash.


Technology is a useful tool to help you network, apply for jobs, and make yourself stand out from the crowd in a positive light, but it is important to be cautious about how your online presence appears.  Here are some helpful tips:

  • Google yourself.  This will give you a sense of what employers will see and what you need to change about your online presence.
  • Delete your Facebook and Twitter! Or at least set your privacy settings as strict as possible.  The last thing you want is an employer snooping on pictures of your late-night shenanigans.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile.  By creating a professional presence online you can highlight your skills, network with future employers, and see what other UVM alumni are doing with their degree.  To get started:
    • Come to a LinkedIn workshop at the Hub in the Davis Center.  These occur every Thursday at 4:15 pm.
    • Create a comprehensive resume so you can easily transfer your skills and experiences to the online world.
    • Start connecting! Classmates, work colleagues, and friends are the perfect people to start your network with.

You now have all the tools to create a positive online presence and find that dream job.  Good luck!

~Caleb, Career Peer Mentor

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