Let’s Talk About Self-Care

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We’ve finally made it to May, the last leg of the marathon, and it’s time for a serious chat about self-care. Transitions are difficult, and May is full of them; from graduating (yay!), or starting an internship, May is the month of transition on college campuses. To be successful during and after you transition, I strongly suggest that you allocate time for self-care. 

Self-care is a series of actions that bring you joy and rejuvenation. For some it’s taking long naps in the sun, and for others it’s biking the causeway. Whatever it is you do, get intentional about carving out time in-between packing, studying, and applying for jobs, to #treatyoself. Practicing self-care will set you up for success during finals and help you embrace the coming summer sunshine. Can’t figure out what your self-care looks like? Our friends at LivingWell host Destress Central during finals, and they’re a great way to start. In addition, I’ve listed some of my favorite self-care activities for the extroverts and introverts.

For the extroverts (drawing energy from others) there is:
— Destress Central by LivingWell, which includes Outdoor ZUMBA, Oatmeal Bars and Therapy Dogs, yoga, crafts, ping pong, Netflix and snacks, and more.
— Walk with a group to Burlington Bay for a creemee break by the lake
— DIY paint nite or visit one of the shops downtown that offers classes
— Schedule a free Friday massage at LivingWell

For my fellow introverts (draws energy from self) there is:
— Destress Central also offers more solitary practices such as meditation and yoga
— Living Well’s Relaxation Room (complete with massage chair and salt lamp) is available for drop-ins during business hours
— Take a walk through Centennial Woods

Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it. The Career Center wishes you the best of luck during this season of transitions. Congratulations to our graduates; first, second, and third years, we’ll see you in the fall.

Jenna Matsumura, Graduate Assistant at the Career Center

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