Senior Series: Negotiating your salary

Welcome to the final installment of the Senior Series newsletter. In this installment, we’ll explore salary negotiation — which is an often-overlooked portion of the job search. While the thought of negotiation can leave many job-seekers feeling uncomfortable, it can be especially challenging for a first-time job searcher. Keep in mind that your employer doesn’t […]

Senior Series: Virtual Interviewing

This week, we’re covering all things virtual interviews. Though some organizations might be able to offer in-person interviews again this summer, it’s likely that many will opt for virtual interviews for initial screening, first-round interviews, and even final round interviews. While a video interview has some commonalities with more traditional in-person interviews, there are definitely some specific challenges and opportunities to take into account.  Before we jump […]

Senior Series: Drafting your resume and cover letter

Welcome back to another edition of the Senior Series.   Last week, we reviewed the updated job search strategies that will help you find job opportunities that are viable within this changing world. Now that you have a sense of how to find opportunities, your next step is to ensure you have up to date application […]

Senior Series: Job Search Strategies

Last week, we reviewed resources from the Career Center to help you adjust to these ever-changing times. This week, we will share tangible job search strategies that can help you find opportunities post-graduation. Remember to set aside time later today or later this week to re-visit the information and action steps outlined in this newsletter – it’s pretty densely […]

Senior Series: Adapting your job search during COVID-19

Presenting: A Virtual Senior Series These are uncertain times in our world. Like many of us, you are probably adjusting to this new normal of how you are working, learning, and connecting with your communities. And as seniors, you may be wondering or feeling anxious about how COVID-19 could impact your job search and post-graduation […]

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