Standing out to employers on Handshake

Handshake is a key partner in helping employers adjust to changes in the recruiting and hiring process due to COVID-19. Many employers have shifted to fully remote operations and realize that staying connected to potential talent and hiring for certain positions is essential to their company’s vitality and longevity. As the #1 recruiting platform on […]

Senior Series: Virtual Interviewing

This week, we’re covering all things virtual interviews. Though some organizations might be able to offer in-person interviews again this summer, it’s likely that many will opt for virtual interviews for initial screening, first-round interviews, and even final round interviews. While a video interview has some commonalities with more traditional in-person interviews, there are definitely some specific challenges and opportunities to take into account.  Before we jump […]

Building your network through online tools

Networking can be one of the most valuable uses of time in a job or internship search as it allows you to gather information that can help focus your career planning, clarify paths, and learn about opportunities. At its core, networking is about building relationships and exchanging information — and it’s okay that at some […]

Strategies for making the most of a remote internship

Much has changed in the face of COVID-19, and many internships are currently transitioning to a remote format. A virtual internship can still offer many of the benefits of an in-person experience: You can build your skills, add something to your resume, explore a particular organization, and make important connections. Interning from home can also […]

How to manage uncertain summer internship plans

A friend of mine recently shared this thought in a LinkedIn post: The word “crisis” in Japanese is represented by two characters: 危機 (“Kiki”). The first character (危) means “dangerous” while the second (機) means “opportunity”. I’ve been thinking about that a lot in relation to the pandemic we’re all experiencing. These circumstances are uncertain […]

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