To Go or Not to Go: Considering Graduate School

There are lots of reasons why people choose to go to graduate schools and pursue advanced degrees.  Deciding to go is a complex decision that involves the outlook for increased earnings and deepened learning in a field of study.  Although there are a plethora of reasons why to go, we’ll explore a few good reasons […]

Navigating Your Way to the Right Law School

Finding the right law school can be a daunting task. You must weigh the costs and benefits of earning a J.D. as well as determine what will make your law school experience fulfilling. Examine the following important areas: Evaluate specialty, experience and training opportunities Specialized courses, clinics and professional skills training opportunities tailored to your […]

Pre-Law Series: Watch and Learn

The semester is almost over. Keep up the good work, you’re almost there! If you have also been working on applications to law school, then hopefully you are almost finished and ready for a well-deserved break. As you look forward to some much needed free time, here are some resources for good movies and TV […]

Pre-Law Series: Balancing the Scales

 “A law degree is good preparation for anything.”  Perhaps, but the rising cost of law school combined with a slow legal job market has had a big impact on the options of new JDs as they leave law school. It’s now more important than ever that you understand the costs and benefits of attending […]

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