A “MAJOR” Decision

Person in front of doors A and B with a question mark overhead

You may want someone to give you the magical answer. There is no perfect formula that fits everyone. “What should I major in?” is a personal question that may take some time to figure out.

Six Steps:

  1. Self Reflection: What is my goal? Is it to make money, follow a passion, do something I am good at, get a degree?
  2. Examine Abilities: What am I good at? What do I love to do (in school and outside school)?
  3. Values: What is important to me?
  4. Explore Future Options: What are other people doing who majored in this field?
  5. Reality Check: How long do I want to be in school? Do I need an advance degree? Identify obstacles.
  6. Narrow your Choices: What is available at UVM?

The answers to all of these questions can help guide you but remember you can always change your mind. This is your life and your path.

Diverse courses can allow you to get different perspectives and connect with professors across campus that may inspire and motivate you. The class you never thought you would take may end up helping make a choice.

Picking a major is different than picking a job. Just because you are an English major does not mean the only opportunities are in teaching or writing. Just because you are a business major does not mean you have to be a CEO. Each field of study can help you gain transferable skills that will help you in landing a job.

You are not alone in making this decision. The UVM Career Center and academic advisors are here to help guide and support you along the way. This is your life and you are not stuck.


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